Accredited testing laboratory

The accredited testing laboratory LLC “Center for Certification of Railway Products” was accredited by the State Unitary Enterprise “Uzbek Center for Accreditation” on September 26, 2022, according to the interstate standard O’z DSt ISO / IEC 17025-2019 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”, certificate number in the state register No. O’ZAK.SL.0239.

An accredited testing laboratory conducts various types of tests of railway and other metal products in laboratory conditions. The uniqueness of the Testing Laboratory lies in the equipment and staffing with modern high-tech testing equipment and measuring instruments that allow accurate and reliable testing. The accredited testing laboratory also has devices that allow determining the chemical composition of metals, conducting radiation monitoring of metal products, in order to ensure radiation safety.

The testing laboratory is the only accredited laboratory capable of carrying out the widest range of certification tests of railway and other metal products.

Test base and area of accreditation The laboratory has wide opportunities in the field of testing.

Procedure for dealing with complaints in the Testing Laboratory

The laboratory is responsible for making all decisions at all stages of the process.
The process includes the following procedure for handling claims (complaints):
Acceptance of claims (complaints)
Registration and consideration of complaints
Investigation of claims (complaints)
Answer to a claim (complaint)
Decisions on a claim (complaint)
Completion of actions for managing claims (complaints)
Analysis of the process of consideration of claims (complaints) by the management.

Acceptance of claims (complaints)
The following information channels are provided for filing an appeal or complaint:

  • postal address – sending information by mail to the address: 100105, TASHKENT CITY, MIRABAD DISTRICT, STR. MEHRJON 61
  • e-mail – sending information in the form of electronic appeals to the address: info@ccrp.uz;
    – telephone communication – a call to the company’s telephone line 78 150 13 69

Registration and consideration of complaints.
Upon receipt of a claim (complaint), the head of the laboratory must verify whether it relates to the laboratory activity for which he is responsible, and, if so, must accept it for consideration.
The quality manager registers all received claims (complaints) in the Log of registration of received claims and complaints in i-test.ccrp.uz.
In all cases, when possible, the IL acknowledges receipt of the claim and informs the claimant.
The head of the laboratory evaluates and examines the claim (complaint) in terms of its importance and seriousness, taking into account the confidentiality of information related to the claimant (complaint). Responsible persons are appointed to resolve the claim (complaint).
After evaluating the claim (complaint), the heads of laboratories put a resolution on the letter, which should contain:

  • a list of persons responsible for investigating a claim (complaint) (it should be taken into account that the analysis and investigation of a claim (complaint) should be carried out by a person (s) who had no relation to the subject of the complaint);
    — terms of its execution (response);
  • measures for its investigation (if necessary);
  • the required means for the solution.
    The claim (complaint) with a resolution is submitted by the chief manager to responsible persons for further investigation and evaluation.
    The term for consideration of claims (complaints) is 3 working days from the date of registration of the claim (complaint).

Investigation of claims (complaints).
When investigating a claim (complaint), all information necessary to assess the validity of the claim (complaint), investigate all the necessary circumstances and data related to the claim (complaint), bring information to the attention of the relevant personnel, prepare proposals for subsequent necessary measures. The level of investigation should be proportionate to the importance, frequency of occurrence and severity of the consequences of the claim (complaint).
If the issue is resolved positively, a response to the claim (complaint) is prepared.

Answer to a claim (complaint).
After investigating the circumstances and data on the claim (complaint), the responsible person prepares a response for a decision by the head of the laboratory:
— information confirming (not) validity of the claim (complaint);

  • proposals for correcting the problem and (or) preventing its reappearance in the future (correction and corrective actions) indicating the timing and persons responsible for the implementation of the actions taken;
  • proposals on the advisability of conducting unscheduled inspection control, if the claim (complaint) is related to the customer.
    If a decision on a claim (complaint) cannot be taken immediately, the claim (complaint) is sent for consideration to the Director, who makes an appropriate decision.
  • registration, registration, registration, execution, control of execution, record keeping, decision-making on the corrections and corrective actions taken are carried out in accordance with clauses 8.7., 7.10. Quality manuals.
  • All claims (complaint) management actions are recorded by the responsible person in the Claims and Claims Register.
  • Decisions on claims (complaints).
  • The decision communicated to the submitter of the claim (complaint) must be made by the person (s) who had (them) no relation to the subject of the claim (complaint) after performing the appropriate actions.
  • Decisions on claims (complaints) can be taken by the director or head of the laboratory.
  • Decisions on a claim (complaint) are communicated to the submitter of the claim (complaint) and the laboratory personnel involved after the decision has been made.
  • The decision is drawn up in writing, in any form in the form of a response to a claim (complaint). The decision prescribes the results of the consideration of the claim (complaint), the implementation of the relevant actions taken, the notification of the end of the process of its consideration.
  • Completion of actions to manage claims (complaints).
  • Management activities are considered satisfactory when the claimant (complaint) is satisfied or a final decision is made.
  • Analysis of the process of consideration of claims (complaints) by the management.
  • All collected and registered information on claims (complaints) is analyzed by the director, the head of the laboratory and the quality manager during the analysis of the MS, when planning and monitoring, measuring, analyzing and improving the MS.