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Namangan International Airport Oppportunities to be Expanded

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Namangan International Airport modernization project.

The way from the Fergana Valley to other regions of our country is through mountain passes, and trains are not available in all directions. Therefore, life itself dictates the need to improve the infrastructure of the airport, which will give a strong boost to the development of business, transport services and tourism.

As part of the project, it is planned to build a cargo terminal, catering and refuelling complexes and other service buildings. It is also planned to increase the capacity of the passenger terminal to 1,000 people per hour. The cargo terminal will increase capacity in the areas of business, export and transit.

In addition, the project provides for the renovation of the fleet of special equipment, which will allow for the reception and maintenance of aircraft of any type.

The President gave instructions to increase the efficiency of the airport, stressing the need to increase the number of local and international flights and to make full use of logistical opportunities. One of the main objectives should be to ensure the affordability of air tickets.

Following his trip to Namangan region President Shavkat Mirziyoyev returned to Tashkent.

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Construction Projects in Namangan Considered

In 2017, on the initiative of the President, a school of creativity, a park and the museum of Iskhokhon Ibrat were built in Turakurgan district.

In 2021, during a meeting with Namangan voters, Shavkat Mirziyoyev proposed the creation of a foreign language university named after our ancestor Jadid. This proposal also became a reality – the institution opened in Turakurgan in 2022.

There is a faculty of world languages, 6 departments and 16 fields of study in the institution. There are currently 1,523 students studying in two courses. It is planned to increase the number of students in the future.

To this end, a new university campus is being built on a 5-hectare site in New Namangan.

The President was informed about the progress of the construction work.

At present, a thousand seat teaching building, a gymnasium and a canteen have been built. It is planned to put them into operation in August this year. The next stages will see the construction of a student dormitory and another educational building.

The President also saw a presentation on the construction stages of New Namangan.

Construction of the town began two years ago. To date, multi-storey buildings for 2,764 apartments have been built and another 648 houses are under construction.

The city is designed for 200 thousand inhabitants. There will be kindergartens, schools, other social facilities and an industrial zone. The “New Uzbekistan” park will also be created here.

The President noted that the city should be comfortable, safe and provide quality service, in a word, become the embodiment of the “smart city” concept. In this regard, instructions were given for the detailed development of the project and for strengthening the quality control of the work.

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Problems Analyzed, Tasks for Full Use of Opportunities Determined

On March 26, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a meeting to discuss the measures for the economic and social development of Namangan Region.

It was noted that due to the hard work and entrepreneurial talent of the residents, Namangan is being transformed. Over the past seven years, the region’s economy has doubled, exports have tripled, and per capita income has reached 15.5 million Uzbek soums. Thanks to the investments of 65 trillion Uzbek soums, 600 thousand jobs were created.

However, many opportunities have not been exploited yet, and there are shortcomings. For example, 86% of the region’s exports come from textiles and fruit and vegetable production. The level of industrialization in Pap, Chartak, Norin, and Yangikurgan is low. 56 thousand household plots are not used for growing products.

The problems were analyzed, as well as the tasks for the total mobilization of capabilities were identified at the meeting.

The primary attention of the President is paid to ensuring the employment of the population and increasing their incomes. Based on Saykhunabad’s experience, large-scale work has also begun in Namangan. Bank branches are attached to 788 makhallas in 14 districts of the region. Together with seven makhallas, they study each household’s capabilities and the families’ desires and aspirations.

In the first stage, 4 thousand low-income families were selected, for which the measures will be taken to increase per capita income to 2 million Uzbek soums. At the next stage, another 4 thousand families will receive financial, technical, and advisory support. There are good opportunities for the development of floriculture, fish farming, beekeeping, livestock farming, viticulture, growing strawberries and potatoes in the makhallas. Preferential loans will be allocated for this.

“Who should do these things khokims (governors) representing the President, the heads of sectors, more than 5,000 employees of economic agencies, “makhalla of seven”. To do this, all responsible persons must organize close work with every enterprise, entrepreneur, and household”, the President said.

In recent years, complete processing of raw materials has been established in the textile industry, which has led to an increase in export volumes from 1 billion to 4 billion dollars. Similarly, there is a lot of potential in the jewelry industry. Every year, 100 tons of gold are mined in Uzbekistan, but only 6 percent of the gold is processed, producing only $78 million in exports.

In this regard, it was announced that jewelry zones with special conditions for entrepreneurs will be created. The supply chain of raw materials, specialist training, production, and sales system will be completely revised, as well as the proposals for amendments to the legislation will be made.

Other untapped opportunities include roads and tourism. The distance from the city of Angren to Turakurgan is 100 kilometers, and the daily flow of cars exceeds 10 thousand. Entrepreneurs are ready to establish cafes, shopping, and service points along this road, providing permanent employment for 10 thousand people. The task has been set to develop an appropriate master plan and put the land up for auction.

The need to develop tourism in the mountainous and picturesque areas of Namangan Region and to increase air and rail transportation for the convenience of tourists was emphasized.

The region’s industrial potential is also high. In recent years, 72 small and youth industrial zones have been launched.

However, 16 industrial zones can accommodate additional projects on 78 hectares. 29 deposits have not been developed industrially. Exports to neighboring countries amount to $568 million, which does not correspond to the region’s potential.

In this regard, the measures have been determined to put up the deposits for auction, open additional customs posts and trading houses, and create a cargo terminal at the Namangan International Airport and a logistics center near the Qamchiq Pass. The instructions were given for textile, leather, footwear, jewelry, electrical, and building materials projects.

Yesterday, the construction began on a cascade of hydroelectric power stations on the Norin River and two solar power plants with a capacity of 1 thousand megawatts in Pap district. Next year, it is also planned to launch a cascade of small hydroelectric power plants with a capacity of 51 megawatts on the Great Andijan Canal.

During the discussion of agricultural problems, it was noted that the work on concreting canals and introducing water-saving technologies leaves much to be desired.

Based on Slovenia’s experience, intensive fish farming will be developed in Uchkurgan, Pap, Uychi, and Mingbulak. Four large projects will be launched in this area.

Of the 1,5 million tons of fruits and vegetables grown in Namangan, only 10% were exported. With proper work organization, exports can be increased to 3-5 times. In order to achieve this, the geography of fruit and vegetable exports will expand to China, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Arab countries. An agrochemical map of 54 thousand hectares of land will be developed, 18 thousand hectares of which will be adapted to GSP+ requirements.

The region has a low level of processing of fruits, vegetables, meat, and milk. For example, despite the specialization of Kasansay and Chartak in vegetable and fruit growing, there is not a single processing enterprise.

Therefore, 62 projects worth $141 million will be launched. Large livestock clusters will be created in Kasansay and Pap.

Special attention was paid to improving the infrastructure of cities and makhallas. The city of New Namangan is currently being built for 200 thousand residents. The “New Uzbekistan” neighborhoods will be built for 10 thousand residents, housing for 20 thousand apartments, an IT park and a green park in Chust and Pap districts.

The tasks have been identified to improve the water supply and construct and repair district roads.

Based on 16 specialized medical centers in the region, two will be established – the first and second medical centers of Namangan. This will allow emergency and other medical services, diagnostic services, and specialists in specialized areas to be concentrated in one place, providing 24-hour service to the population.

Issues of improving the quality of education in higher education institutions and the employment of youth and women were raised.

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Construction of Three Energy Facilities Launched in Namangan

A launching ceremony for constructing the new power plants in Namangan Region was held.

Uzbekistan pays special attention to increasing the sources of renewable energy. In recent years, 9 solar and wind power plants with a total capacity of 1,6 gigawatts have been connected to the network in Bukhara, Jizzakh, Kashkadarya, Navoi, Samarkand, and Surkhandarya. 6 hydroelectric power stations with a total capacity of 183 megawatts were launched in Andijan, Samarkand, Surkhandarya and Tashkent region.

Today, Namangan has 913 megawatts of generating capacity. Electricity consumption has increased by 24% over the past three years and will naturally continue to grow.

Therefore, three projects were designed for the area, totaling US$1,1 billion and with a total capacity of 1,228 megawatts. This is a cascade of hydroelectric power plants and two solar power plants.

Thus, the Uzbekhydroenergo JSC will build a cascade of 6 hydroelectric power stations with a total capacity of 228 megawatts on the Norin River in Uychi district for $434 million. As a result, 1 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity will be produced annually, saving 310 million cubic meters of gas and providing electricity to 430 thousand households.

Another essential feature is that these hydroelectric power plants will be built using equipment and technologies produced in the country. This will be the first completely domestic hydroelectric power station.

These stations will employ 133 people and during the construction period – 4 thousand people.

Hyper Partners GmbH from Germany will build a 500-megawatt solar power plant in Pap district. The project costs US$350 million, and the station’s annual capacity is 1 billion 95 million kilowatt-hours.

Another solar power plant will be built in Pap in cooperation with Tepelen Group Holding Limited from the United Arab Emirates. It will cost US$350 million and have a capacity of 500 megawatts.

It is planned to connect these stations to the network by the end of this year. They will create 120 permanent jobs.

As a result of these projects, the generating capacity of Namangan Region will reach 2141 megawatts. 7.8 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity will be produced annually. This fully covers the region’s need for 5.5 billion kilowatt-hours. The remaining 30% of electricity will be sent to Andijan and Fergana regions.

At the ceremony, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev pressed a symbolic button and launched the construction of these large energy projects.

“Creating conditions for a prosperous life for our people is one of the foundations of the policy of New Uzbekistan. In order to achieve this, it is important to launch projects in a timely manner that require uninterrupted power supply for their sustainable operation. In this sense, today’s ceremony is a historical event. “I congratulate you all on such new projects and initiatives”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

In 2025, electricity storage systems with a total capacity of 200 megawatts will be launched in Pap and Uychi districts. These projects will help balance the unified energy system during increased consumption and ensure a stable consumer electricity supply.

This year, as part of the construction of 14 solar and wind stations, 2,6 gigawatts of power will be connected to the grid.

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An open dialogue was held in the city of Namangan to discuss plans for the socio-economic development of the region.

Over the past five years, the number of enterprises in the Namangan region has increased by 15 thousand and exceeded 32 thousand. During this period, the volume of products produced by private business increased 1.6 times and reached 8.3 trillion soums. This is the highest rate in the country.

“Imagine that a region that was subsidized six years ago now has a solid revenue base, a modern industry and strong entrepreneurs have formed,” said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. – Simply put, Namangan has become, without exaggeration, the land of business people, the center of small and medium-sized businesses.

At the meeting, priority was given to the issue of supporting entrepreneurship.

According to the analysis, production was reduced in 3 thousand industrial enterprises of the region because of the cold weather this winter. The tax debt of many entrepreneurs has also increased.

In this regard, the President announced that he had signed a separate resolution to make up for losses in the economy and support business. The document provides for the provision of benefits to businesses affected by the cold on loans, taxes, customs and other payments.

In particular, for 2,000 small and medium-sized businesses, the payment period for loans in the amount of 4.7 trillion soums to be repaid in January-March will be extended until June 1. 29,000 entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pay off their tax debt in the amount of 2 trillion soums by July 1 in installments, without interest on additional collateral and penalties. A credit line in the amount of 8 trillion soums will be opened for 545 industrial enterprises in order to restore production volumes and replenish working capital. Benefits are also provided for payments for the purchase and lease of state property. For entrepreneurs, a 10 percent discount on property tax will be introduced for each top floor of industrial buildings.

These opportunities were welcomed by entrepreneurs.

“Thanks to the development of the economy of Namangan, this year we have set ourselves a big goal to provide jobs for about 500,000 people. These plans can be implemented only by relying on entrepreneurs and supporting them,” the head of state said.

This year, family businesses in the region will receive soft loans in the amount of 950 billion soums, or twice as much as last year. A special textile zone will be created and 75 billion soums will be allocated for the infrastructure of 15 industrial zones. Also, at least 2 microcenters will start working in each district.

The Ministry of Energy has been given the task of daily monitoring the energy supply of entrepreneurs and the uninterrupted supply of energy resources.

The necessity of growing food products demanded by the market on 9.5 thousand hectares of land distributed to the population was indicated.

Instructions were given on social support for women and youth employment.

During the conversation, the President listened to new proposals and initiatives of entrepreneurs.

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President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the small industrial and business zone Barkamol Avlod in Namangan.

In order to support entrepreneurship, technoparks and small industrial zones are being created in our country. In Namangan region, the number of such complexes reached 73.

There are many entrepreneurs and artisans in the Barkamol avlod mahalla. But they had to work from home, which limited their potential.

Therefore, next to the mahalla on an area of 10 hectares, an industrial complex with the necessary infrastructure was organized. 46 projects are being implemented here. Work has been completed at 18 enterprises, they have already begun their activities, and more than 2,000 jobs have been created.

The head of state got acquainted with the technological process at the enterprises Master Class Design, Sifat Yogoch Sanoat, Balance Tex.

The first enterprise produces 150 thousand units of leather shoes per year. Sifat Yogoch Sanoat is capable of producing 1,200 sets of furniture per year, while Balance Tex is able to produce 400,000 textiles. Young people and women from neighboring mahallas, who were previously unemployed, work and earn money in them. Products due to quality and affordability replaces imported analogues.

We have enterprising, energetic people. So, we created the conditions, and things went uphill. Now we need to help manufacturers reduce costs. Cost is a matter of entrepreneurial survival. If it decreases, it will be easier to export, the business will expand, it will be able to hire more workers,” said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

In other projects of the industrial zone, equipment is being installed. In general, it is planned to expand the production of ready-made clothing, leather goods, building materials, furniture, paper, food and chemical products. More than 6 thousand people living in the mahallas Barkamol avlod, Yakkatut, Yangikhayot, Obzhuvoz, Lola, Chaman will be provided with work.

Here the President got acquainted with the exhibition of industrial products manufactured in Namangan. Instructions were given to develop, along with the advanced branches of beekeeping, jewelry, and horticulture.

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President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Yangi Uzbekiston Yoshlar Ziyo Maskani library in Davlatabad district.

This complex was put into operation in 2021. Today its fund contains 70 thousand books. The library is connected to the world’s largest network of digital libraries. Thanks to this, readers have free and free access to foreign literature.

Visitors are issued special ID-cards. All processes are carried out electronically.

On the ground floor there is a separate reading room for children under 12 and the blind. Equipment for the development of creative imagination in children has been installed. On the second and third floors there are common study rooms, and in the basement there is an archive. Conditions have also been created for training young people in information technology.

Here the head of state talked with the youth of Namangan.

— Namangan is a land of great scientists, craftsmen and entrepreneurs. And today young people are making great strides in the fields of economy, art and sports. When I hear about these achievements, I am very happy, I think about how to create more opportunities for our youth,” the President said.

Many youth programs are being implemented in the region. Last year, 140 billion soums were allocated for the development of entrepreneurship among unorganized youth, 6.5 thousand young people found their way in life.

Also, 20 thousand young people were employed as a result of the allocation of 2.5 thousand hectares of sown land. 4.7 thousand young people in a difficult situation were paid contracts for education in the amount of 12.4 billion soums.

During the conversation, they talked about projects and initiatives aimed at expanding these opportunities.

— As you know, we have declared this year in our country as the Year of Caring for People and Quality Education. We are promoting the rule that schools should teach at least two foreign languages and one profession. Such educational institutions and sports schools are being built. All this should work comprehensively and act as a school of life,” the head of state said.

The program “School of Life” will be implemented, aimed at employment and professional training of graduates. In this area, the experience of Namangan region will be created.

During the meeting, instructions were given to support scientific research, popularize sports, and organize entertainment events.

At this, the three-day trip of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the valley region ended, he returned to the city of Tashkent.

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President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev sent condolences to President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan in connection with the numerous victims and injured, as well as great destruction as a result of a strong earthquake in the southeastern provinces of Turkey.

Expressing deep condolences to the leader and people of fraternal Turkey, the head of our state conveyed words of sympathy and support to the families and friends of the victims, wished a speedy recovery to the victims.